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26 Mar 2014

Some owners in the vehicle maintenance only check on some big parts for maintenance, very easy to forget the sight glass. Car like an auto eyes, can determine whether or not a clear sight of the driver, affecting the safety of the car forward. If the glass cannot get timely maintenance will give the owners bring lots trouble.


Summer and winter due to the weather conditions is very complex. Windshield prone to chaos reflective mirror blurred or other issues. Driver at night or when the weather are not very good can easily be confused gaze, affect driving safety. Under the summer rain, the glass surface would have a lot of insects and the like shellac or traces of rain; while in winter, some of the snow and the weather were very easy to make a mirror frost occur. These questions may seem simple, but it is not easy to deal with. Today, let's talk about auto glass maintenance.


Rational use of glass water


Sell on the market is a wide range of glass water now, but mainly divided into three types: summer glass water, winter anti-freezing glass water and special effects antifreeze glass water. Among them, the summer glass water is mainly used for cleaning the flying insect residue on the mirror.


The glass in the usual care process need choose the right glass water depending on the season and weather conditions autolink al519. When they find the fuzzy surface windshield with suitable cleaning glass water will be much brighter. In the night was found chaos reflective glass problem, you can wipe with a glass water. Also in the case of high-speed running or dusty, the glass water will be used very quickly, but also pay attention to immediate injection of new glass water.


Some owners believe that decontamination glass just cleaning glass diagnostique ford, so replace the glass of water with detergent; some owners even order to cheaper, instead of directly with water, these risks are present. Detergents and other chemical detergents there are some sediment, a long time easily corrode the rubber tube, and can clog water spout, severe cases can cause damage to the motor. General detergent will continue to corrode the rubber tube, accelerated catalytic wiper strips sclerosis. Hardening of the strip when the scratch windshield, will accelerate the windshield surface is shaved scratches. If you replace the wiper, the cost will be paid several times the price of a glass of water.


And ordinary water although very clean, but chemical residues which are also very much over time will lead to clogged water spout, the impact sprinkler. Long-term use will increase if the mirror friction how to update autel maxidas ds708, easy to make the wiper to the mirror leaving minor scratches when cleaning.


Car window need insulation film to be posted


Summer, a thin layer of insulation film can play a big role, not only to withstand the blazing sun, but also heat, UV protection. Insiders pointed out that thermal insulation is one of the important reasons for consumers to choose the film; in addition, the transmittance of the insulation film. The UV index is a consumer must care about. However, many consumers buy the insulation film there are many errors.


Automotive Window Film has front windshield film, rear windshield film and side windshield film membrane. Among them, the most demanding insulation film is the front windshield. The transmittance of the windscreen must be greater than 70%, without affecting the traffic safety as a precondition. The most taboo is attached a dark windshield film on front.


Moreover, the choice the index of anti- UV insulation film the higher the better, because it can protect the console parts, to prevent exposure with sun long-time lead to early aging.


Side windshield insulation film, the same does not affect the owners to observe the rearview mirror as a precondition. Optional side windshield insulation film more flexible, color is also more varied. ?


Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information:

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