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23 Apr 2014

Other People Are Reading Can You Deduct a Car From Taxes? Can I Write My Car Payment Off on Taxes? DartUtils.loadGoogle160 = function() dmjs.runInlineAd = true; $('.AdUnit160').hide(); $('.AdWrapper').addClass('no160'); ; googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('160x600');); Sales Tax Deductions The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act permits taxpayers to take a deduction for state and local sales and excise taxes paid on the purchase of new cars from February. 17, 2009 through December 31, 2009. As of October 2010, this particular sales tax deduction has not been extended. However, sales tax paid on major consumer purchases such as automobiles can be claimed on most state and federal income tax returns. The amount of credit or exemption varies per individual income autolink al519, filing status and state laws.

Hybrid Car Credit The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides a credit for taxpayers who purchase certain energy efficient vehicles, including qualified hybrid vehicles, according to the IRS. The tax credit applies to cars purchased or placed in service on or after January 1, 2006, through December 31, 2010, and is only available to the original buyer of a qualifying vehicle. The IRS also notes that if the vehicle is leased to a consumer, the leasing company may claim the tax credit. This tax credit was designed to phase-out over a period of time and is based on a capped number of units sold by each auto manufacturer. Consult the IRS website for a current list of qualified cars and credit amounts based on the model and year and amount of credit per vehicle.

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\ {! for (var i = 0; i \ \ {!= ads[i].line1 ! \ \ != ads[i].line2 ! != ads[i].line3 !

\ != ads[i].visible_url ! \ \ \ ! !} \ \ ', image: ' \ Sponsored Links \ \ \ \ ', flash: ' \ Sponsored Links \ \ \ \ ' }, google_image_size : '300x250' }); Fuel Cell Credit Another tax credit for new car purchase made available in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows for credit for cars with fuel cells. The IRS states that a fuel cell motor vehicle qualifies based on the weight of the car and when it was purchased or placed in service. For fuel-cell vehicles placed in service on Dec. 31, 2009, not weighing more than 8,500 pounds, the base credit amount is $4,000. Heavier vehicles may qualify for a credit up to $14 autel tpms ts401,000. Consult the IRS website for qualifying vehicles prior to making a purchase.

Medical and Moving Mileage The IRS allows for individuals to claim an exemption on their taxes for mileage when moving or for medical purposes. Although an individual has the option of providing receipts spent on fuel purchases, the IRS allows a standard deduction of twenty-four cents per mile driven. This standard deduction may help offset some of the cost of a new, fuel efficient car at the end of the year.

Business Deductions Car payments made for the purchase of a new car are not deductible for a small business, but the interest paid over the course of a year is tax deductible. Depreciation claimed on a new car allows the owner to claim a larger part of the purchase price as a deduction in the early years of the vehicle's expected service. New, fuel efficient vehicles are beneficial when claiming the standard mileage exemption of 55 cents per mile driven.
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