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23 Apr 2014

Investigators say it was about 4:30 p.m. when the car crashed into Summit Lake in Thurston County with a 6-year-old boy seat-belted in the front seat. State Trooper Doug Malmstrom said the boy's grandfather left the boy in the car while he went back inside to get the keys to the car when the vehicle jumped out of gear or its brake let loose Autel MaxiCheck EPB. "It went straight down the driveway and into the water," Malmstrom said. The boy's father and grandfather didn't even hesitate before running after the vehicle and jumping into the water, knowing that the young boy was still inside. "They just reacted," said the child's mother, Darcy Dill. "Natural instinct for his father and grandfather not even to care, just go in and get him." But when the two men reached the car that was slowly sinking into the lake, they couldn't open the doors or break a window to get inside. Just then, two boys who live nearby showed up to help. One of them brought a metal shovel that would make all the difference in the world. "The 15 year old swam the shovel out to the grandfather," Malmstrom said. And "the grandfather used that to break the window." The man pulled his barely conscious grandson out of the car maxidiag elite md802 price, and the teen who brought the shovel swam the child to shore where medics soon arrived and took him to an area hospital. "He's alive and he's great," said Darcy. "He's a strong little boy." Police say the two boys who came running to help are true heroes, and the family wants to send their heartfelt thanks md802 autel. Malmstrom said investigators are still trying to determine what caused the car to roll, as divers found that the gear was left in park.
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