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07 Nov 2014
Several often easy to be "misdiagnosed" car glitch Many new cars owners don��t understand the car so often "misdiagnosed" car glitch. Then the following are a few examples of often easy "misdiagnosed" car failures by car owner. Back door can't open Rear seat passengers to get off but found can't open the door, but gently pull the handle of the door from outside is easy to open the door. Some new car owners might think: Oh, it seems that the door lock is broken. This is in fact the child safety lock is open, it's to prevent accidental opening the door from the inside when the children traveling, many vehicles are equipped with child lock, if you do not accidentally start this device, the rear doors can only be opened from outside the vehicle. In such cases as long as you can turn off the child safety lock. Child lock position generally in the rear side of the car door handles, there are some cars will put the lock in the side of the back door, only to open the door to regulation. Air conditioning not cool Some new car owners are often envy of others in the car's air conditioning so cool, and his car the air conditioner to the largest and most just feel "too hot" and every time you start air-conditioning in the sun, take a long time to cool the car, you probably ignore the role of the inner and outer loop buttons. If the vehicle is started with air conditioning inside and outside air circulation, cooling effect will be significantly decreased, but the advantage is that the air is fresh, on the contrary, if the mere use of air conditioning in the cycle, there will be a substantial increase in cooling capacity, but the drawback is the lack of air inside and outside the exchange, compartment air not fresh. Steering wheel stuck When you start the vehicle was surprised to find the car keys twist does not move, or the steering wheel stuck in this case do not think that is a bad car, someone to repair, because this is just a vehicle steering wheel lock played a role. After parking the car automatically locks the steering wheel, which is very common on cars a function. While most electronic anti-theft devices and compared, steering wheel locks seem primitive, but for thieves, even if successfully start the car, the steering wheel cannot rotate, it still has a good anti-theft feature. Suspension feels too hard Obviously it feels very comfortable in the car, how to open up the suspension so hard now? And the car ride with someone else's style, so do not think there is a strong sense of bumps, in which case, we should pay attention to check the tire pressure is too high. In fact, the tire is very important car damping facility, when tire pressure when appropriate, tires can well absorb bumps from the road, but if the tire pressure is inappropriate, especially the tire pressure is too high; the tire loses its shock capabilities. Fuel consumption is too high A novice who frequent headaches autel ms905, that is fuel consumption, fuel consumption is the difference between a novice and veteran of the most important criteria. Novices do not know enough not only for the route, the vehicle is not enough understanding of temperament, open manual transmission car, often low-grade or high-grade low speed and high speed will cause a great impact on engine and fuel consumption, open automatic car, novices do not understand how to use the throttle the depth control gear, high fuel consumption also makes sense. In these circumstances the old driver's driving the process perhaps rare, because the course of time will be on the car after practice has a very deep understanding, know what each button used to do. But inevitably some new drivers we encountered this situation will be stressful, this is due to lack of understanding of the function of the car. There are many similar examples , which tells us that when faced with some of the surface fault should not be too nervous, maybe just a little button so that we had the wrong judgment. Here we recommend some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, MaxiDAS DS708 Tool, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website
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