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17 Nov 2014

First, Symptom

Even when you allow the accelerator pedal ultimately, the vehicle driving pressure is inadequate, adverse speeding up, climbing weakness and so on.
Second, the primary reason behind failure and treatment
Leading to cars with weak root causes weakness engine, energy train transmission efficiency is low, the resistance from the wheels being too large.
The primary specific reasons are:

(1) Engine weakness, troubleshooting use vehicle diagnostic tools.

(2) Sliding clutch, troubleshooting use vehicle diagnostic tools.

(3) Transmission insufficient oil or lubricating oil degeneration ought to be added or changed.

(4) Transmission gear backlash is simply too small, ought to be re- matching.

(5) Universal transmission intermediate support bearings in oil, rust as well as failure, ought to be lubricated or changed.

(6) Primary gear, differential or axle drive gear, the space is simply too small, ought to be modified.

(7) Drive axle in oil or lubricating oil degeneration, ought to be added or changed.

(8) A significant lack of tire pressure ought to be inflated or repair following the inflated tire alternative if required.

(9) Wheel brake dragging, troubleshooting use vehicle diagnostic tools.

(10) Parking brake cable return sluggish, leading to the trunk brake not fully launched and really should be lubricated or changed.

(11) Wheel bearing too tight, ought to be modified.

(12) Front wheel alignment is wrong, ought to be modified or changed parts, etc.

Third, the fault diagnosis method

Reason for failure in compliance with the potential of climbing down maxisys pro, the problem of examining the order from simple to difficult, you need to first look into the tire pressure is really a serious shortage. Within the situation of weak eliminate the engine; look into the impact of reduced driveline transmission efficiency factor is available. Finally, look into the resistance from the wheels being too large factor excluded.

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