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15 Dec 2014
Car Brake system routine maintenance Automotive brake fluid in a plastic container full bloom at the top of the master cylinder, check the condition of the engine regardless of the height of the brake fluid under normal circumstances be higher than the lowest point, but do not reach the highest point. Under normal circumstances the number varies with the degree of wear of brake fluid brake pads made changes accordingly. Brake fluid does not preclude adding too much. But if you just replace the new brake pads need to be aware. Because the new brake pads thicker will overfill the brake fluid overflow. Notes brakes droplets onto the body or chassis paint very corrosive. Available in a needle or pipette above normal brake fluid sucked out. Too little brake fluid does not affect braking effect, but if the brake fluid dry, it will lead to decrease brake pedal, brake failure. If reducing the brake fluid is not caused by the brake pads wear, but caused by the leak, brake fluid must be added immediately and asked dealers for repairs. 1, clean, high-quality brake fluid is a good safety and braking system functions basic conditions autel maxidas ds708 update. You should always buy the best quality available in the market brake fluid, brake fluid, if dirty, let go and rinse the entire system, and then fill the master cylinder with a new solution. Don��t reuse brake fluid, all from the system being let go of the brake fluid should be discarded. 2, in the project maintenance brake system, periodically check the brake level is the most important. Check at least once a month, more often the better. 3, the inhalation of asbestos dust is harmful to your health. It will kick up dust when removing dust from dirt on the brake system with a dry brush or compressed air, which can easily contain asbestos fibers due, it is easy to damage your health. Dust and dirt should be used in addition to asbestos vacuum cleaner designed to deal with, and should use the dust model. If there is no vacuum cleaner, then break assembly when maintenance should be in a well ventilated place and put through the identification of the virus respirator. 4, before checking the brake master cylinder and carefully wipe the dirt on, in order to avoid any dirt fall into the tank. Remove the fastener (typically a pin) and a lid. For there is no scale of cylinders, the cylinder should be kept away from the top surface 6 mm, if the scale, just keep level another job than scale it. If the master cylinder needs to refuel, please join specification meets DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid overload autel maxidiag elite md802 update. 5, do careful not cheap brake fluid on the paint, because it has a strong corrosive, would destroy the finish. 6, in a very long period of time if the total lack of brake fluid, but you can always add, that obviously something wrong with your brakes, you should check up. The color of the brake fluid also warned that brake fluid should not be too deep color, nor should it look like burnt, if this is the case, then there is a problem, but this does not happen very often.
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