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13 Jan 2015
Introduction of Launch X-431Diagun III 1. Introduction of X-431Diagun III X-431Diagun III is a diagnostic tool specifically designed and developed for automotive maintenance technicians, which can communicate directly with DBScar installed in the vehicle for diagnosis. Time-saving, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient online upgrading and integrated multi-function connector are maintenance technicians  preferences. X-431Diagun III is the standard tool for automotive maintenance technicians. X-431Diagun III Tool X-431Diagun III includes:X-431Diagun III tool and DBScar kit autel maxisys mini. X-431Diagun III tool and DBScar kit can support wireless Bluetooth connection and wired connection for diagnosis. 2. Features of X-431Diagun III 1, Bluetooth technology for wireless communication. The diagnostic tool can detect two vehicles simultaneously. 2, Compact and powerful universal 16PIN standard connector 3, 4.3" high-brightness and high-definition color LCD touch inductive screen 4, 10 m of Bluetooth wireless communication, also supports wired communication. 6, High-capacity 1G memory card 7, Fully inherited the diagnostic capabilities of X-431, can test almost all domestic vehicles and a varity of vehicles in Asia, Europe, the United States 8, One-key upgrading of software 9, 3800 mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable use of more than 10 hours Functions of X-431Diagun III 1, Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless connection and data exchange, also supports wired diagnosis. 2, Almost all domestic vehicles and imported vehicles in Asia, Europe and the United States can be tested 3, Touch inductive input, quick and easy to operate 4, Interface design more humane with better experience 6, Can be used for diagnosis and data analysis of two vehicles simutaneously 7, Externally connected to standard USB-interface printer to print real-time diagnostic results 8, Large capacity TF card to save real-time diagnostic results 9, 3800 mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable use of more than 10 hours 10, Multi-language, internationalized Powerful diagnostic functions 1 Read version information of ECU 2 Read and clear code 3 Read datastream 4 Read freeze frame data 5 Actuator test 6 Resetting of service interval warning light 7 Special functions such as programming of immobilizer and remote keys Supports multi-language, internationalized X-431Diagun III supports multiple-language autel maxidiag md801, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. to achieve the internationalization of the product.
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