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21 Jan 2015
As an owner and user of many vehicle scanners, e.g. Autologic (BMW), PIWIS (Porsche), VAGCOM (VW), Durametric (Porsche), DAS (M/B), Snap-On (Ethos), the MaxiDAS 708.

Comparative capabilities provide the key most needed functions, i.e. accessing most all Vehicle ECUs to read/clear codes, read actual values, graphically display data, actuate ECU outputs, do adaptations, and reset service reminders.

The MaxiDAS 708 is well designed overall. The touch screen hand-held unit is very intuitive to use allowing one to easily move from one functional screen to another and to display graphical data if needed. A key feature of the unit is the ease with which one can update the vehicles by simply removing a SD card and inserting it into a PC and logging on to the MaxiDAS website autel maxidas ds708. The unit can also be updated by using either its internal wifi or by connecting its Ethernet port to a network ds708 update.

The updating process via the MaxiDAS website is a very simple and intuitive. One just logs on with one's user name and password. The inter-active website reviews the status of the main application and all the vehicle applications based on the latest updates, allowing one to select which updates one would like to download and install.

The user manual which comes with it is well written explaining all its features including the initial setup and use. The included case nicely stores the unit with all it adapters for the earlier non-OBDII vehicles. Also included an AC adapter and a cigarette adapter/battery cable to allow shop use or when non-OBDII use.

One of the key features of MaxiDAS is its ability to reset service reminders which are lacking in many multi-vehicle scanners or are difficult to use in the factory tools, e.g. DAS (M/B). This feature alone is worth the cost of the MaxiDAS especially for BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche.

The MaxiDAS 708 is a worthwhile diagnostic scan tool at the price and even when comparing it to other scan tools costing two to three times as much.

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