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12 Mar 2015

About auto glass repair, many people think it is not important Autel OLS301, in fact, driving at high speed, a lot of people have windshield stones or other hard objects shells cracked experience ms905. But if because a small crack in the glass then replaces the whole piece glass, not only wasteful, but it isn't worth; If ignored, the more pressure they will crack the larger expansion, not only affects the appearance, safety hazard. At this time, if do automotive glass repair will be an ideal solution.

Automotive glass is a double- laminated glass, when subjected to external impact, if force is not sufficient to make it broken and only cracks, gluing the middle layer will be separated from air entering and atmospheric pressure, and if you continue driving, crack The larger the area will be more extended, affect sight and traffic safety. Processing for automotive glass repair glass cracks or small wounds, the operation time is short, does not affect the everyday car.

Auto glass repair liquid gum is mainly filled in the cracks, eliminating gaps. The material used to fill the glass is a highly transparent liquid gum, can be solidified by ultraviolet quickly heated up more than 90% of the original strength of the glass. Construction process is not very complicated. The main tool is similar to a vacuum syringe needle structure, and function is deprived of air within the wound glass then fills with glass putty (liquid colloid). After repeated several times pumping pressure, the patch will be 90% of the space filled with liquid fill at least, when the then irradiated with ultraviolet light down about two minutes each, so that the patch was solidified. After the machine is removed, the wound will have a small gap in the center, then dropped into a higher concentration of Putty again, cover glass, the same irradiation with ultraviolet light after drying, with a blade surface evenness, To on the polishing agent, polishing cloth can be.

Usually a circular wound, leaving only after the repair is completed or a small circular mark arachnoids crack; rift will leave a long line of vague, and only in a reflective angle, only visible signs of repairs, the general view is still a "seamless " a good glass. And the strength of the repair can guarantee the strength of hardened glass gum can reach more than 90% of the original glass.

Patch is not any damage can be done. Once the glass has been broken separation, or broken into pieces, is irreparable. And if it is too large cracks, repair costs may be comparable to the conversion blocks new glass, not to mention also leave scars. Therefore, auto glass repair, preferably in the case of small broken adopted only save time and money.

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