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24 Mar 2015

Fault one: hands feel ac everywhere temperature pipe fits normal, however the vehicle doesn't feel cold. DIY Diagnosis: ac isn't a simple problem the issue might be in mid-air conditioning temperature control system. Look into the control cable heating switch is off look into the heating valve is incorporated in the closed position. Pre and post the touch valve, under normal conditions ought to be "near to the engine side from the hot temperature, cold, near to the vehicle body side " , because the normal contrast , adjust the heating change to the off condition, for example can't? be effectively chilled switch the heating water in to the switch.

Fault two: Adjust the temperature knob have the temperature doesn't change Autel OLS301 Scanner. DIY Diagnosis: wind deflector might be temperature controlled accomplish, if losing need re-install adjustment if you think the opening from the air volume isn't large enough, showing the evaporator clogged, you have to take apart the evaporator to clean.

Fault three: Touch ac pipe, pressure pipe hot, low pressure pipe nor cold. DIY Diagnosis: This might be the compressor to frequent on-off phenomenon, mainly in the situation of high engine speed compressor doesn't pull, this time around can't avoid prolonged high-speed engine, otherwise it will likely be very harmful addition, for that high-pressure pipe getting too hot, but additionally check whether there underneath the ac compressor oil, whether it proves compressor ruthless restricting valve continues to be broken, you have to switch the compressor.

Troubleshooting four: Touch conditioning pipe, pressure pipe is cold but low-pressure pipe is hot temperature. DIY Diagnosis: this type of situation the compressor can't cycle effective towards the refrigerant, the compressor might need to be changed.

?Failure Friday: between your condenser and radiator clogged by grime, refrigerant overfilled. DIY Diagnosis: first removed grime, as indeed no grime blocking , check refrigerant read the observation window is simply too much , if you're able to begin to see the liquid flow , but don't use whatever bubbles , then filling the refrigerant excessive, have to re- making the effort to perform a standard raise.

Fault six: Start ac and refrigeration system, two electronic fans operate concurrently Autel MaxiTPMS TS601, however the ac pump doesn't pull. DIY Diagnosis: such cases require professional diagnostic circuit system; it's suggested to some professional repair station for repairs.

There many vehicle diagnostic tools will help you test the issue, for example:

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