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28 Apr 2015
All Roads Lead to Electronic Cigarettes

Many are already enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes. If you are not one of them just yet, please read on to learn more. As the name implies, electronic cigarettes are battery operated nicotine-releasing device that is known as the healthy alternative to tobacco smoking. It gives off small amounts of nicotine for every inhalation which really helps out every smokers attempt to quit smoking. The best thing about it is that smokers can still derive the same relaxation you get from tobacco best nuts flavored e juice.

Tobacco versus Electronic Cigarette

E cigarettes look, taste, and feel like the traditional cigarette we can buy from the nearby convenience store. Its nicotine content is relatively lower compared to a cigarette stick. Electronic cigarettes can easily satisfy your cravings for nicotine and for the utter smoking experience.

The very act of inhalation seems like a simulation of how we get the same pleasure from tobacco smoking. The only difference is that it does not produce smoke at all. Instead, what it emits is a smoke-like foggy mist that came from the vaporize nicotine solution. Unlike tobacco smoke, it is odorless and does not linger into thin air for a very long time. This could only mean one thing for us health conscious folks: We can get all that we need from tobacco minus the hateful toxic chemicals and tar.

The Advantage of Electronic Cigarette

One advantage of electronic cigarettes that we do not usually notice is the fact that it is no-flammable innova juice. This eliminates any form of safety hazards such as fire and skin burns. Instead, it is powered by a certain microelectronic technology using lithium-ion battery that is replaceable.

Tobacco products contain 4,000 harmful chemical substances. Experts from US Food and Drug Administration would surely agree that smoking tobacco has caused most cases of lung cancer, tuberculosis, stroke, heart diseases and other kinds of cancer. None of these can be derived from electronic cigarettes as the solution contained in the refillable cartridge is merely made of water, nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol. No tar, no carbon monoxide, no acetone, no sulfuric acid. Absolutely safe and healthy.

How It Works

Electronic cigarettes are made of the lithium-ion battery, a chamber where the atomizer and the electronic circuits are located and the mouthpiece that also serve as the cartridge containing the nicotine solution. Once you inhale through the mouthpiece, the microprocessor will sense the air flow which will, then, activate the atomizer or the heating element that will vaporize the droplets of nicotine solution coming from the cartridge.

Such conversion happens in an instant to simulate how dried tobacco is converted into smoke when burnt. Only, electronic cigarettes involve liquid, electricity and water vapor.

Manufacturers and distributors of electronic cigarettes market the product to those who want to have a healthy alternative to smoking for a long time. The other niche would be those who want to completely curb their addiction to nicotine in a gradual manner. With the electronic cigarettes price decreasing amidst recession, no wonder that e cigarettes are groomed to be the cigarette of the future.

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