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27 Jul 2015

Tires on a car belonging to consumables, and depth "kiss" with rough roads every day, natural wear and tear is inevitable thing, after a period of time it must be replaced. But some abnormal wear will shorten the life of the tire, let it lay off in advance, and sometimes you can find the car hidden fault from tire wear. But how to drive in order to reduce tire wear? The following summarize the eight points, wish can help you.

1, don't start the car too fast, so as to avoid dragging the ground and accelerated tire tread wear;

2, vehicle downhill should be based on the slope size, length and road conditions, vehicle speed control appropriate, avoid or less use the emergency brake to reduce tire wear;

3, vehicle curve should be based on road turning, turning radius, deceleration generally appropriate to avoid due to the inertial force and the centrifugal force, unilaterally accelerate tire wear;

4, on the uneven road traffic, first should choose the road, hitting the tire and the road surface to reduce Autel Maxivideo MV201, avoid damage to parts and tires, two to slow amble to avoid tire bumps and strong vibrations;

5, In the corner the car will overtake, through the intersection, narrow roads, railway crossings and other locations, should have an appropriate speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake, reducing braking frequently and avoid emergency braking, thus reducing tire wear;

6, When the road construction sites and road maintenance, the application of low- road approach to amble through choice, to avoid unduly hitting the tire, or even being stabbed or scratched;

7, through muddy lots, should choose a more solid and does not slip through the place, so as not to tire subsidence, standing idle, causing severe vibration and tire sidewall serious cuts, scratches;

8 autel, vehicle parking and transit station parking should develop safe taxiing habits.

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