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04 Sep 2015
Advance Essentials: Automotive Ignition System Basics Troubleshooting your automotive ignition system is intimidating since most electronic ignition systems have gone through major changes over the years. Though the latest versions of car ignition systems look different from their predecessors and use components with fancy-sounding names,they all work on the same basic principles. By understanding automotive ignition system basics,you can fix any of them,even the fully computerized versions. The many different variations of automotive ignition systems all boil down to three types: distributor-based,distributor-less,and coil-on-plug. Let's look at the similarities of each automotive ignition system. Ignition Coil All automotive ignition systems have to generate a spark that's strong enough to jump across the spark plug gap. The socket and extension are permanently locked together so it'll never disconnect from the socket as you remove the plug. Flexible handle ratchet You need plenty of angles when you're trying to remove spark plugs from tight spaces. When you combine this flex-head ratchet with a wobble spark plug socket or a swivel socket with locking extension Autolink AL439 Scanner,you can remove spark plugs in less time and with less sweat. Spark plug gap gauge Always gap spark plugs to the manufacturer's specifications before installing them. Replace them so spark plug wires won't touch and arc,causing misfires. Anti-seize Apply just a small drop of anti-seize to the spark plug threads (don't get any on the electrodes or the porcelain). Then reduce the spark plug torque by about 10 percent. The anti-seize prevents the plugs from permanently bonding to the cylinder head threads. Lastly,before you troubleshoot ignition system problems,always consult your owner's manual first MaxiDiag Elite MD802. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure warranties are not voided.
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