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24 Mar 2015

Fault one: hands feel ac everywhere temperature pipe fits normal, however the vehicle doesn't feel cold. DIY Diagnosis: ac isn't a simple problem the issue might be in mid-air conditioning temperature control system. Look into the control cable heating switch is off look into the heating valve is incorporated in the closed position. Pre and post the touch valve, under normal conditions ought to be "near to the engine side from the hot temperature, cold, near to the vehicle body side " , because the normal contrast , adjust the heating change to the off condition, for example can't? be effectively chilled switch the heating water in to the switch.

Fault two: Adjust the temperature knob have the temperature doesn't change...

28 Mar 2014

The car maintenance fundamental essentials 6 tips which I learned acquired of my experience. I really hope to assist guide another person and provide them a rather simpler learning process than I'd when dealing with this huge endeavor.


1. Determine the Work Should be Done - While the majority of the signs and symptoms of major engine trouble is going to be triggered by serious problems, there's an opportunity that multiple minor troubles are the actual reason Maxivideo MV101 Scanner.


2. Obtain a Second Opinion - Really get several, who knows who may have special understanding regarding your specific model that may simply be known by someone with top notch experience with similar vehicle. Also, obtain a...