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08 Aug 2014
People Urged To work with Greener Fuels As Smog Season Approaches (NC)-As the first smog alert warnings of the season technique, Canadians are currently being urged to utilize ethanol-blended fuel to alleviate the urban smog complications plaguing several parts of your nation. Quite a few regions have seasoned a substantial improve from the amount of "smog days" in recent times and also the dilemma is obtaining worse in accordance the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. Mr. Bliss Baker, President with the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) Autel MaxiCheck DPF Reset, suggests motorists fill-up with ethanol-blended gasoline. "All motor vehicles can use ethanol blends and this can be a single means of...

25 Apr 2014

Napoleon warned us, when the sleeping giant awakes, she will shake the world.

It took a couple hundred years but those words have proven to be prophetic. The time has come for a few huge industries in China to awaken -- notably, autos.

In 2006, China surpassed Japan as the world's second largest auto market, after the United States. In 2009, China became number one.

In 2010, China produced 18.06 million cars, compared to 2.7 million in the U.S.

Looks like somebody woke up the sleeping giant. As incomes in China continue to rise in the future, car sales will keep improving as the country goes through an industrial age. China's auto industry did slow in the first two months of 2012, due to rising gas prices. But...